Community Partners

At Denby High School, our mission is to “inspire urban innovators.” We believe in promoting the “social, emotional and cognitive growth” of all students, not only developing their academic skills, but building character, citizenship and social skills. Furthermore, we believe that a school is not only a place for students to learn, but a hub for our community, where our students, families and neighbors can coalesce around, creating what we like to call the “Denby Family.” To that end, we have partnered with various community organizations to provide students and families with programs that will enrich the students’ learning in the classrooms and provide them with exposure to the world. We have also established numerous programs within the school to provide leadership opportunities for our students, and to expand their horizons. 

Please refer to the files at the bottom of this page for more information about our community partnerships. The files are:

Community Initiatives Handbook: a guide to the various community-to-student programs we provide for students at Denby High School, including various academic and social services

Clubs and Organizations Handbook: a guide to the different extracurricular clubs and organizations available after school

        For questions and comments, please contact the Coordinator for Community Partnerships, Mr. Jonathan Hui, at

Community Service Requirement

As part of Denby High School’s vision and mission to “inspire urban innovators,” we believe that a student’s learning is not complete without understanding the idea of service, and of community engagement. While our students are receiving instruction in the classroom, we believe that it is also important that they understand what it means to serve those around them, and to give back to the communities that have raised them up. To that end, Denby High School has established a service-learning requirement for graduation: all students must complete at least 50 hours of certified community service per year in order to receive a diploma from Denby High School. Students must complete, and document, the service hours completed, and turn them in to Mr. Hui for certification.

The Community Service Guide at the bottom of the page serves as a resource for students to access community service opportunities on their own. The school will organize large-scale service opportunities once a month, but students must supplement their own hours by taking the initiative to seek out opportunities that are of interest to them. We believe that true community engagement requires vision from the students, and thus we ask that they use this guide to identify projects they would like to engage in, and take the initiative to complete them on their own time. This will be a supplement to the activities they will complete in-school and as part of the school program.

Community service can involve, but is not limited to, the following:

-          Lawn care for neighbors

-          Ushering or serving at church

-          Teaching Sunday School

-          Caring for the elderly

-          Volunteering at a hospital, elderly home, shelter, soup kitchen or any other recognized charity organization

-          Coordinating fundraising efforts for charities

-          Community cleanup efforts

-          Tutoring elementary school children

-          Big Brother/Big Sister mentorship

The following are NOT considered certifiable community service activities:

-          Household chores

-          Helping a family member or relative

-          Any activity for which the student receives compensation, either financially or otherwise

-          Care of student or family’s own property

Students that complete community service outside of school must provide documentation to Mr. Hui. All documentation must include:

-          Name of organization

-          Name of student

-          Dates of service

-          Number of hours served

-          Description of service

For questions and comments, please contact the Coordinator for Community Partnerships, Mr. Jonathan Hui, at

Jonathan Hui,
Nov 8, 2013, 8:15 AM
Jonathan Hui,
Nov 8, 2013, 8:15 AM
Jonathan Hui,
Nov 8, 2013, 8:15 AM