Chess Club

Leader: Keita Turner
Room: 302A

Chess Club meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30p - 4:30p. 

The city competition starts this month November.  

Remember to your bring best game. See Mr. Turner in Room 302A.


Denby played Cass Tech in the 3rd round and Renaissance in the 4th round Saturday.  We lost to Cass Tech but beat Renaissance.  We are now 2-2 in the Detroit Metro-Scholastic Chess League.  We have 4 more rounds to play.  The Michigan High School Team Championships is going to be March 1, 2013, in Rochester MI on OU campus.  “It’s All About That Denby Chess!!”

 Team members

 1st board   Robert Lowry

 2nd board Corceil Howard

 3rd board Tyler Martin

 4th board Brian Vinette

 5th board De’Shawn Johnson

Denby Tars Chess Club will compete in the first chess tournament of the season.  They will compete against all the schools in the state for the best chess club in the state. I know this is Denby's first year as a chess team, but the team is ready and prepared to handle the best the state has to offer.

The Michigan Scholastic Chess Club Championships will be held at the U of M Dearborn Fairlane Conference Center. The club members competing will be:

Demetrius Smith
Robert Lowry
Carl Davis
Tyler Martin
Brian Vinette
Corciel Howard

Kaylin Scott will be attending but not playing in the tournament. They are not ready for her yet! :-)