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Sights and Sounds

Please enjoy the following pictures from our students' events and activities

Chicago Urban Experience
July 13-16, 2014

A group of Denby High School students participated in the Chicago Urban Experience during the summer of 2014. This experience provided students with a glimpse of life outside of Detroit and gave them an insight into the workings of a popular and successful city like Chicago. Students thoroughly enjoyed their trip in Chicago and used this experience for inspiration for their future portfolio projects, where they will learn from other cities to propose ideas to reform Detroit.

Just walking down Michigan Ave. on our first day!

Posing by the Bean!

At Taste of Chicago

From atop Hancock Tower

On the University of Chicago admissions tour

Hanging out with giraffes at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Enjoying Chicago-style Deep Dish pizza at Gino's East

Youth Civil Rights Conference - Wayne State University Law School
November 15, 2013

Denby High School students joined students from all over Metro Detroit, including those from University Liggett School (Grosse Pointe), Fordson High School, Cody High, among others. This conference was part of the Block By Block Initiative, which was created to promote understanding across students of different cultural, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds across all of Metro Detroit. Students participating in the conference first discussed sociological issues and readings in class, and then shared their reflections with their peers as they engaged in conversations about race, community and identity at the conference. The students then developed projects using their sharing and what they learned from each other to practically close the gap in inequality between different areas across our region.

Mitch Albom/Judge Damon Keith Book Signing Event
November 11, 2013

The Denby High School students had the privilege of attending the book release of Mitch Albom and Judge Damon Keith on Monday, November 11. The event included discussions by Albom and Keith on race relations in America, the importance of diversity and lessons learned from America's past. There were also a host of celebrities and civic leaders, including TV anchors, Mayor-elect Mike Duggan, Congressman John Conyers, among others, who read excerpts from the two authors' books. The authors also interviewed Detroit's sporting representatives, including Matthew Stafford, Lloyd Carr and Jim Leyland, who spoke extensively about the impact of diversity in the sporting world. The students enjoyed their experience and gained invaluable exposure to important issues of diversity, and also gained insight on the process of authoring and publishing. Lastly, being able to experience such an event at the Fox Theatre was a highlight for the students.

University of Michigan Medical School Field Trip
October 30, 2013

The students - all interested in the medical field - were welcomed by a group of U-M medical students and professors, and after listening to a panel discussion about medical careers, were taken to the U-M hospital for various workshops. The medical students conducted workshops on basic clinical skills such as blood pressure testing, reflex examinations and nerve testing. They spent just over an hour in small groups with medical students, and had the opportunity to understand more about the medical field and the rigors ofmedical school. The trip ended with lunch and a campus tour hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Howell Nature Center
October 14, 2013