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Core Values

Relationships - Relevance - Respect - Responsibility - Rigor


At Denby High School, we are providing students with the necessary academic and non-cognitive skills to be transformational within themselves, their families, and community and with the belief that they can positively impact the world.

By incorporating our core values of relationships, relevance, respect, responsibility, and rigor in all facets of our school culture and community, all stakeholders are committed to supporting a learning environment that ensures students are provided a safe, high quality and inquiry based education that will lead them to a pathway of success in college, career, and technical training and allow them to be successful contributors to society.

Excellence is to do common things, in uncommon ways, On this day, I am destined for greatness, I am focused on learning, I am committed to those who came before me, creating better conditions for those who will come after me, I will be responsible for myself, my fellow man, school community and family, I  will meet and master the demands of my studies, through hard work, effective study habits, academic and mental preparedness, and self-determination, I am tomorrow’s future, I am a thought leader, I am somebody…Today, tomorrow, and forever!