About Us

Denby High School is a public high school dedicated to the academic, emotional, and social growth of all students. Denby embodies a climate and culture that builds lifelong learners and well-rounded thinkers.

Denby strives to provide every student with a rigorous, standards-based education that is relevant to the students’ lives while also emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships—both inside the building and in the community. In conjunction with the Institute of Student Achievement (ISA), Denby High School prepares all students for success after high school in the career or college of their choice.

Denby High School has a committed staff dedicated to educating students through best practices and researched-based instructional strategies. Denby is also committed to providing high levels of wrap-around services to ensure that every aspect of a student’s wellbeing is addressed. By building committed partnerships with organizations such as Detroit Future City, Michigan Community Resources, Habitat for Humanity, and The Denby Neighborhood Alliance, Denby High School has become a beacon of educational services for the students, families and community.

Our innovative blended-learning approach to education gives students the ability to learn at their own pace. And each individualized learning plan uses the latest technology to connect students to the world beyond the classroom.

In 2011, our school completed a $16.5 million renovation that included the construction of a new common area for student dining, as well as a major renovation to restore the school’s original 1930s auditorium. The media center was also upgraded to include two computer labs, a small group room and a team room.